Business model

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The system described in the posts Yet another idea of collaboratively edited knowledge base, Shopping advisor and other uses of knowledge base about products and General applications of the knowledge base can have the following sources of revenue:

  • simple ads;
  • fees for placing a product on a search results list;
  • fees for redirecting to websites of stores;
  • percentage of a product sale/rent price.

Why should users add information to the system?

If a user adds information that will be used to generate some revenue, we will share a part of this revenue with him. Usefulness (and credibility) of the information will be taken into account. An example of useful information are all pieces of information displayed on a product overview page on which a user clicks the Buy button.
Adding information in the initial phase of knowledge base development can be particularly profitable since users can choose the most popular information that will bring the largest income in the future. This can be compared to buying Bitcoins in the initial phase.

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